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Love Obsession

There's a thin line between love and obsession.

This award-winning* short tells the story of Clarence, a man for whom the ability to see the line between love and obsession blurs as his relationship with Danielle begins to fray. (9 min)

*Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director

The Independent Critic's Review

There's no such thing as chance.

This award-winning* short tells the story of Carl, an enigmatic man who offers seemingly unconnected people a choice, making each a pawn in his larger, insidious plan. (19 min)

*Best Story Twist, Best Supporting Actress

The Independent Critic's Review


WTF Cycle Film 1

A man goes to extremes to break the cycle he is stuck in and begins to see that a better attitude might be the answer. (8 min)


WTF Cycle Film 2

Harold's neat and orderly life is turned upside down when a clipped toe nail goes missing. (5 min)


WTF Cycle Film 3

After Braille St. Jermaine is assaulted on the street, he gets some revenge advice from the best friend he has — himself. (7 min)

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