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How it all began...

Fall of '07 in Bowie, Maryland. 6AM.

Two 20-somethings with little more than big ideas and light wallets point their packed up cars away from the sunrise. Teeming with an internal cocktail of fear and aspiration, and fueled by the gumption of youth, the friends navigated their wheezing vehicles onto the freeway. Chasing the sunset, driving through sunshine, rain, and desert. Always managing to find a local bar to refresh and soak in the dark, warm, narcotic American nights. Seven days, one burnt transmission, an historic hangover in New Mexico, and 2700 miles later, Mike and Art pulled into a Rodeway Inn in Glendale. They finally arrived and were ready to let their dreams unfurl.

First up, an ice cold beer in a sparsely attended pool hall. As the two settled into their new environment they began the talks that would lead to the company you now find here. Troubadour Pictures started as an idea to celebrate stories and how they are told. Both guys believed that they had something to say and a unique voices to say it. So here we are, all these years later still, chasing down that dream.

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