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Co-Founder - Filmmaker

Growing up in-and-around the Baltimore area in Maryland, Mike discovered at an early age his love for storytelling and an even greater love of the cinema. He was able to combine the two passions when he enrolled into Towson University’s film program. During his time at Towson he wrote and directed several short films and eventually joined the staff of the school’s student-run television station, WMJF.

He cut his technical teeth crewing on several of the station’s programs including pitching his own show idea which would eventually become the station’s first narrative mini-series. Film School, a semi-autobiographical comedy based on his own experiences as a film student, was met with positive reviews and took home the top prize for the television category at the Maryland Media Arts Festival.

After graduation, Mike packed up his car and drove nearly 3000 miles from Maryland to California where he currently resides, continuing to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.


Co-Founder - Filmmaker

Art grew up in Pasadena, Maryland and began to exhibit an interest in the arts at a very early age. From writing short stories and drawing comics in school, to programing simple story-driven games in QBasic, he was always fascinated with storytelling. As he entered middle school he took hold of the family VHS camera and began making short films and stop-motion films with his toys, casting himself and his neighborhood friends in various roles.

It was not until he was cast in a high school production of “It’s a Wonderful Life” that he discovered his love of the theatre. He went on to appear in nearly every production at Chesapeake High until his graduation. At the University of Maryland he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance while appearing in many of the Theatre Department’s productions including “The Crucible,” “SubUrbia,” “Our Town,” “Scapin,” and “Standing on My Knees.” While at college, and only 20 years old, he co-wrote/produced/starred and directed the feature-length comedy The Money Shot.

After moving to Los Angeles he continued his studies at the Howard Fine Studio, Second City, and the William Alderson Acting Studio. His work on stage grew to include the West Coast Ensemble, the Newport Theatre Arts Center, the Gallery Theatre in Anaheim, and the First Annual L.A. One-Minute Play Festival. He is currently a member of The Open Fist Theatre Company, where he originated the role of Ricky in the world premiere of Anne Kenney's "Last Call."


Contributor - Art Design & Storyboards

Jen is a creative hermit who was born and raised in Los Angeles. She was perfectly happy hiding under a rock with her drawings until the Troubadour came along. Coaxed out from her cave, she followed the beaten path of Angeleno bar crawls and varying misadventures of the Troubadour spirit with equally varying degrees of success. As the scenery changed, so did her creations. What started as a few doodles on bar napkins and defaced bathroom walls soon evolved into larger and more gainful ventures of digital and traditional illustration. Jen now assists with production and concept art for Troubadour. 

She still enjoys hiding under her rock and drawing.


Contributor - Cinematographer

Born with a joystick in his hand Erik came to filmmaking from a slightly different direction. It was an early love for those rare story driven games that revealed a deeper passion for storytelling.

Following a couple of tours through both film and business school Erik found himself helping budding filmmakers any way he could. From graphic design and marketing to photography and cinematography. His blog, is a resource used by thousands of filmmakers world wide. His latest project is a distribution platform for transmedia storytellers.

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